The Lighting Festival of the Lamps of the Path
and the
Garland of Genesis
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The Lighting Festival of the Lamps of the Path

This is the 21-day Technique of the Holy Season for 2015.  The 21 days are listed on the navigation menu to the right.  Click on the day you want to visit, and it will take you to the page with the video for that day.

  • Click on Day 1 to the right to begin the Technique >>>>>>>

  • Multiple people may share one Fruit of the Light of the Source and the Wheels of Genesis for this Technique.  Simply make sure that the Wheel of Genesis for that day is not yet attached to the Garland of Genesis until the final person has performed the Technique for that day.

  • You may perform the day's Technique multiple times on that day.  For example, you may perform the Technique for Day 2 several times on Day 2.

  • We will place a transcription of the 21-day course here soon!

  • Need to find out what the Technique of the Holy Season is about?  Watch the video below!