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Golden Gate of Genesis

Here is what Ascended Master Lantos said about the Golden Gate of Genesis on February 7, 2020:

"The Golden Gate is the gatekeeper of the household.  The Golden Gate is the guardian.  That which enters, passes through this gate:  currents of energy, waves of prosperity, matters pertaining to health.  Entrance into the household is governed by the gate.  The gate blesses all who enter.

"All members belonging to the household receive the Radiant Cloak of Protection.  As one enters the gate, one is cleansed.  As one departs, one is strengthened by the cleansing radiance which adheres to the individual during the period away from the home.  It is sticky--the Radiance holds to the person as a cloak which is worn throughout the day.

"Yes, installing the Golden Gate offers a mighty shield, a shield which not only wards off negative energies, but one which attracts positive currents of light, energy and abundance.  The Golden Gate is a great blessing.  It is a very great blessing.  Yes.  Very good."

Buy the Golden Gate
The Golden Gate of Genesis has energy that is specific to the protection of your home.  It is initialized to your specific address.  To gain the protection and benefits of the Golden Gate of Genesis, you simply hang the Golden Gate above or alongside your main entrance to your household.